Design Mentor


Clients have worked with our team to launch a variety of medical device and biotech projects, including surgical, diagnostic, therapeutic, and blood lab automation equipment.
  • Extracorporeal blood pump system
  • Organ transport disposable
  • Portable in vitro diagnostic (IVD) blood analyzer
  • Thermal control system for denaturing DNA
  • Process analysis and conceptual system design for novel cancer diagnostic assay
  • Systems engineering for a chemiluminescent immunoassay diagnostic device
  • Industrial design for artificial organ manufacturing process
  • Device design for therapeutic protein harvesting and purification
Blood Lab Automation
  • Multi-year/Multi-stage product development effort for transfused blood safety
  • Automated blood collection and separation (aphaeresis)
  • Transfused platelets and plasma safety
Design Mentor also collaborates on non-medical projects. We’ve worked with clients and applied our expertise to:
  • Improve fluid management and fluid handling subsystems
  • Optimize design of beverage mixing and dispensing machine
  • Perform competitive analysis and expert testimony for patent litigation defense
  • Assess burn patient treatment technology for strategic acquisition
  • Provide project management and quality system services