Design Mentor
Medical Product Development ServicesHelping Companies Achieve Milestones and Marketshare

DESIGN MENTOR: Business-Minded Engineering

Our strength is helping companies achieve milestones and market share. Design Mentor® provides key resources to achieve your goals. From concept to completion, we help companies like yours accelerate achievement of critical milestones, getting your next-generation medical products to market.


At Design Mentor® our clients work directly with our experienced and highly-skilled team of scientists and engineers, which promotes collaboration, seamless communication and efficient development.…

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Milestone Methodology

Our Milestone Methodology™ technique combines innovation and discipline during product development. With our methodology, projects follow a well-defined series of stages from concept through completion.…

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Design Mentor® collaborates with clients to design and develop medical device and biotech projects, including more than a dozen Class II and III medical systems.…

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Clients have worked with our team to launch a variety of medical device and biotech projects, including surgical, diagnostic, therapeutic, and blood lab automation equipment.…

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